Feet Treatment


 Free UV Protecion Gloves. No chips, no damage your own nails, helps your nails grow , protect them, lasting at least 14 days- We guarantee 2 weeks Free FixingChipping nails. stay glossy. Best choice for vacation or party, wedding and special evens.


keratin gloves Manicure

Manicure will stimulate nail growth and soften dry, dull skin. Formulated with 100% vegetable active ingredients derived from renewable sources. Completed with massage and polish of your choice.

Hands Treatment


3D INDIVIDUAL mink eyeLash Extension

Applied individually, one by one, a single mink lash is placed onto your existing natural eyelash. An instant transformation turns your lashes into lush, beautiful , longer, eyelashes. Extentions typically last for 3-4 weeks.WE USE ORGANIC GLUE. 

Organic nexgen dipping

powder  Manicure

Organic Nails system- Nexgen dipping powder manicure. No UV lights. light weight & flexible. strong and durable, odor free, stay super glossy, water resistant, lasting more than 2 weeks.We guarantee 2 weeks Free Fixing Chipping nails. Calcium & Vitamin E Fortified. NO DAMAGE TO YOUR NAILS



Organic Green tea Spa Pedicure

Soften skin in a green tea bath soak with potent anti-oxidant and polyphenols. Exfoliate away dead skin cells with a specially formulated baking soda scrub. Draw-in moisture and enhance skin's immunity with a hydrating green tea mud mask. Stimulate cells with healing green tea massage cream and therapeutic essential body oil all over legs & feet. Cool off with finishing lotion of bay laurel, mint. Moisturize and repair cracks and calluses with a glycerin and urea rich formula. Includes 15 Min. Acupressure Massage, Callus Wrap & Paraffin wrap.

organic milk & Honey spa pedicure

(Maximize moisture in your skin) Milk has extraordinary hydrating qualities increasing your skin's ability to obtain moisture. It's chock a full of Vitamin A, D & E to nourish your skin with anti-inflammatory benefits. Essential proteins & effective beta-hydroxy acids naturally hydrate & exfoliate your skin leaving it smooth and siky soft. Includes 25 Min. Acupressure Massage, Callus wrap & Paraffin wrap.

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Organic Sea salt spa pedicure

Start with a warm foot bath fillled with dead sea salt and essential oil to relax and soothe aches. A smoothing scrub will soften rough spots while you re-hydrate skin with a clay mask. This combo gives a stress relieving massage and moisture back to feet and legs. Includes 10 Min. Acupressure Massage, Callus wrap & Paraffin wrap.

Sweet Lemon honey pedicure

Enjoy a Fresh lemon soak to soothe your feet,then relax with a soft, gentle scrub to exfoliate both legs and feet. Treat your skin to a relaxing massage with lemon honey lotion. Includes 10 Min. Acupressure Massage.- 



Starting with a Real Organic rose bud soak, comes with rich Vitamin A , E and C. Exfoliate both legs and feet with a luxury rose essence scrub. Making your skin feeling  fully rejuvenated. Treating you to a relaxing massage with luxury organic rose essence oil. Includes 10 Min. reflexology massage & Callus Wrap.